10 Tips on How To Live a Longer and Happier Life

10 Tips on How To Live a Longer and Happier Life

We all want to live longer and happier lives. There are many paths to good health. As a holistic, biological dentist, I am also a naturopathic physician and anti-aging health professional.

After four decades of experience with natural healing, these suggestions are simple, tested by time, inexpensive, and can be implemented immediately.

These simple procedures have one common characteristic: Psychoneuroimmunology.

What on earth does that mean, you ask? Simply put, it means that your thoughts, good or bad, produce chemicals in your brain and in your gut that can up-regulate or down-regulate inflammatory mediators called: Cytokines. These cytokines are produced by the kind of thinking you allow your mind to do.

Easy Ways to a Longer, More Joyful Life

  1. Be optimistic and smile often
  2. Eat a balanced diet
  3. Eat and drink with moderation
  4. Maintain a healthy weight
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. Have more intimacy
  7. Get a pet
  8. Make money at the job you love
  9. Have fun at work and at home
  10. Talk to your mother once a week

These simple activities also produce hormonal changes that can positively or negatively affect your health. The good news is that you can start today!

Here's to good health!

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