Dr. Thom's Recommended Nutraceutical Supplement Brands

Dr. Thom's Recommended Nutraceutical Supplement Brands

The supplement industry is a non-regulated industry.  This is a double-edged sword for the nutrient purchasing public.  Since no one entity oversees the supplement companies, you must purchase nutrients from physician-grade companies only! 

We recommend physician grade supplement products.  For high quality nutraceuticals that excel in potency, purity, and absorption, shop on-line anytime at the Doctors Supplement Store.

This is paramount.  You would need a medical license to set up an account with each single company, but I have done all of that for you!

Shop top quality, physician-grade supplements here. You’ll receive 10% off your first order.

I have visited a number of these companies, and I am assured of their research, laboratory, and production testing.  The Doctors Supplement Store (by NeuroScience, Inc.) offers nutraceutical supplements which are physician grade only, where you can order high quality supplements and have them sent right to your door.

Recommended Supplement Companies

Life Extension Supplements
  • Allergy Research Corp, Inc
  • Apex
  • Biotics Research Inc.
  • Douglas Labs
  • Life Extension
  • Metagenics
  • Neuroscience
  • Orthomolecular
  • Standard Process
  • Thorne
  • Vitamin Research Products

...and many more.

“For each and every pharmaceutical solution to a symptom, there is an equal, and in most cases, a better natural solution” - Dr. Thomas Lokensgard

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