Protocol for Inflammatory Control of NF-kappa Beta

Protocol for Inflammatory Control of NF-kappa Beta

NF-kappa Beta is the genetic switch that turns on ALL inflammatory pathways. It’s like the circuit-breaker in your house.

If you want to shut off all the lights in your home, you have two choices:

1. Go around and turn off each light switch in each room, or…
2. Hit the main circuit-breaker in your home.

NF-kB is the second. It's the genetic circuit-breaker that regulates all inflammatory pathways. How? By turning on the genetic machinery (mRNA) that codes and makes the inflammatory proteins called cytokines.

Jump Start Your NF-kappa Beta

I recommend supplementing your diet with the following nutritionals:

  • VITAMIN D3 - get your levels to 80-100ng/dl (1-alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, the active D3 metabolite inhibits NF-kB activity
  • TESTOSTERONE - decreases the pain level
  • TUMERIC-CURCUMIN - decreases NF-kB activity
  • R-LIPOIC ACID - reduces the TNF-alpha-stimulated ICAM-1 expressio
  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT - EGCG, inhibits IKK activity
  • ROSEMARY - carnosol suppresses the NO production
    and iNOS gene expression by inhibiting NF-kB activation
  • GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - this can kill off H. pylori in your gut also!
  • PYCNOGENOL - pine bark extract, this nutrient is also great for your heart and blood flow
  • PROPOLIS - this is honey bee resin and it contains Caffeic Acid Phenyl Ethyl Ester, or CAPE
  • TRANS-RESVERATROL - modifies the sirtuin genes which control aging.
  • PHYTOLENS R - polyphenolic extract from lentils
  • ASTAXANTHIN - an extremely powerful carotenoid-lipophilic antioxidant
  • BELL PEPPERS - these contain over 30 carotenoid
  • KAPPARREST - a Biotics Research product that can quell NFkB.
  • KRILL OIL - inhibits NF-kB
  • R-ALA - decreases CRP and IL-6 levels, significantly in 3 month
  • EPA - reduces pro-inflammatory eicosanoids: LT-B4, PAF’S, and cytokines, TNF-alpha, and IL-6 as well as a reduction in PG-E2 and TX-B2 14 Biotics
  • DHA - bio-active metabolites are resolvins. A component of cellular membranes
  • GLA - a healthy omega-6 fatty acid, for inflammation and skin integrity. Elongates to the DGLA form, which then forms the cardio-protective eicosanoids.
  • OMEGA-3’s - Increase by using Chia seeds and Calamarine fish oil.
  • OMEGA 7’s
  • SEANOL-P (Ecklonia cava) - a powerful bioflavanoid antioxidant, a phlorotannin complex that is a long-lasting powerful anti-inflammatory. Great for arthritis pain!
Add Chia seeds to your diet to increase your Omega 3 & Omega 7 fatty acids.

Added Nutritional Support for NF-kappa Beta Inflammation

  • Coconut oil contains monolaurin. Take 2 teaspoons per day for antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial benefits.
  • Reduce calories which increases new mitochondrial growth
  • Humic-Monolaurin Complex from ARG.
  • Chia seeds, a fantastic source of Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-7 fatty acids

All of these supplements work by down-regulating the SUPER EICOSANOID HORMONES that down-regulate the NF-kappa Beta inflammation breaker switch.

You may order any of these from Dr. Thom's Supplement Store. If you have your own source, that’s fine, just make sure they are physician grade. This is critical for proper absorption!

To you and yours for better health!

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