The "47" Classic Mainstream Medical and Dental Myopic Myths


As new scientific information comes to light, the mainstream medical establishment has a difficult time incorporating these new concepts. Take a look at the list below to see how many of these medical and dental myths you are still believing:

  • "High-Salt Diet is Bad for Me" Myth
  • "Low-Fat Diet is Good for Me" Myth
  • "Fluoride is Okay" Myth
  • There is "Truth Anywhere in Advertising" Myth
  • "Cheerios are Good for Your Heart" Myth
  • "Nutrition in Charge" Ensure Myth, it's almost ALL sugar
  • "Statins are Safe" Myth

It’s estimated that 80% of the US. Population is deficient in Magnesium and Iodine. Find out why this is such a big deal!

Remember, that medical information doubles every 3 years!

  • "Digestive Acid Causes Heartburn" Myth, it's usually low acid
  • "The Silver Bullet Can Cure Me" Myth, it's really life-style
  • "It's the Genetics" Myth, it's 80% lifestyle
  • "I Need to Count Calories" Myth, it's really insulin signaling
  • "Mercury Fillings are Okay" Myth
  • "Nutrition Doesn't Matter" Myth
  • "My Doctor Has All the Answers" Myth

My program will address each one of these myopic medical and dental myths.

  • "My Doctor Says My Labs are Normal" Myth
  • "Supplements are Not Needed" Myth
  • "The Cancer Conundrum" Myth, that we don't know the cause or the treatment of most cancers
  • "I Need 60% Carbohydrates" Myth
  • "I Can Just Do the Sensa Shake to Lose Weight" Myth
  • "Fat Makes You Fat" Myth, it’s really sugar that makes you fat
  • "USDA Agriculture Food Pyramid is Good for You" Myth

Remember, also, that lifestyle is responsible for nearly 80% of all CDD.

  • "The Standard American Diet is Okay" Myth
  • "The Food Industry in No Way Would Ever Hurt Me" Myth
  • "I Can Just Any Diet to Lose Weight" Myth
  • "Obesity is a Disease" Myth
  • "Bottled Water is Okay for Me" Myth
  • "The FDA Protect the Public" Myth
  • "My Diet is Pretty Good" Myth
  • "My Doctor Knows Best Myth"
  • "My Insurance Company Cares About Me" Myth
  • "I Can't Afford to Eat Organic Myth", truth is you can’t afford not too
  • "Wait Until They are Done Growing Before We do Orthodontics" Myth
  • "Bio-Identical Hormones Cause Cancer" Myth

Finally, the ALL-TIME Biggest Myth!

The Government Can Handle Healthcare…..Super-Myth!!!

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