NEW Age-Rejuv OxyMist with HOCl Helps Smooth Fine Lines

NEW Age-Rejuv OxyMist with HOCl Helps Smooth Fine Lines

OxyMist is the "MUST HAVE” product for total skin management! This all-natural facial mist contains the powerful oxidant HOCl .

Have you ever thought about how your immune system heals itself, so efficiently, without you even thinking about the process? It’s an amazing system, much like a Navy Seal Response Team, that is called upon to handle an emergency or crisis situation. At, we’ve launched a new skin care product that contains HOCl called OxyMist!

This, my friends, is really great news!!! Existing in this bottle is a substance that has been inside animal cells since the beginning of time! God put this solution in our cells! WHY, because it can work with your body and help with this natural process by improving your skin, lips, and face naturally, like your immune system, without any chemical toxicity at all!   …….Zip, Zero, Nada!  

This new product is called OxyMist and it works great. It's perfectly safe, effective, and has been clinically tested.

This product is perfectly safe! You can help improve your skin with just a simple spray. Imagine that!!

OxyMist is the Non-Toxic Way to Gorgeous Skin

Oxymist is a natural facial cosmeceutical endorsed and distributed by Anti-Aging Dr. Lokensgard and myself. We have degrees in Medicine, Biological Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Naturopathy, including special training in Anti-Aging Medicine.

Say hello to healthy, gorgeous skin! Oxymist is both gentle and effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains the powerful combination of HOCl and electrolyzed oxygenated water for glowing skin.

This all-natural and safe way to help your skin stay healthy, beautiful, and clear combines the best of science and nature.

Mist your face and body for these amazing benefits:

  • cleanses, purifies, and hydrates skin
  • minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • brightens face
  • helps reduce the appearance of redness of irritated skin
  • helps relieve the frustration of eczema-prone skin
  • perfect for all skin types and ideal for moisturizing dry skin
  • works in concert with the body’s natural restorative process
  • soothes minor irritations and burns
  • eco-friendly & non-toxic
  • safe to use around eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • FDA regulated

I especially recommend OxyMist with HOCl as an effective product to help with the appearance of crow's feet. It is very safe to use around the eyes. Dr. Thom and myself personally endorse this product to help with anti-aging.

Shop OxyMist and say hello to gorgeous skin!

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