The Importance of Bio-Energized Water

The Importance of Bio-Energized Water

As I was attending one of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) fellowship modules, I ran across a naturopathic doctor by the name of Dr. Oleg Yasko. He was at a booth selling some kind of "living water".  

Dr. Yasko received a Master’s Degree in Bio-Chemistry from the University of Kiev in 1976. He is a naturopathic physician with the American Naturopathic Medical Association, a certified EAV practitioner. He immigrated to the US in 1979, and practices natural medicine in Brooklyn, NY.  He is the founder and CEO of Revitalized Technologies.

As I watched Dr. Yasko drop a few drops into a glass filled with tap water, he asked me if I wanted to try it. Sure, I thought, why not? It's doubtful this could hurt anything, so I obliged, thanked him and went to my class.

During the seminar the speaker said he was going to talk about electroceuticals and earthing. These are two very interesting topics that were new to me at the time. The subject of bio-energized water came up during the morning break when the speaker mentioned a video produced by Russian researchers investigating the properties of water.

Water, The Movie

Dr. Yasko explained, that the Russians, began a scientific investigation into the properties of water after noticing their cosmonauts, on a recent space flight, had aged dramatically after a 3-month voyage into space. They suspected dehydration. The researcher's produced an amazing 1 hour and 20- minute documentary, "WATER - The Great Mystery of Water". The goal was to focus on water from many different angles. Researchers from many different countries around the world were consulted including Dr. Yasko.

I returned to Dr. Yasko's booth, and he handed me the video on water and said, "this is my only copy and I would like you to have it."

I had NO IDEA what I had in my hand.  As I began to watch the movie, my jaw dropped. The learned facts and statistics on water I had never known before, nor had I understood.

What the researchers had discovered was dramatic and surprising, to say the least. I began to realize that if you want to make a dramatic change in your health, you must start by addressing the quality of the water you drink.

The Surprising Physical Properties of Water

The physical properties of water defy scientific explanation and logic. Water is the most common element on earth and more than a physical substance. It has unusual physical and chemical properties. It is soft but it wears down harder substances.

Structured living water is essential to life!  Yes Virginia, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT! We are all 70-80% water! The brain bioplasm is 85% water! SO, to get the biggest bang for your buck, health-wise, CHANGE YOUR WATER!  Start now, start today.

Water is the very first thing that scientists look for when looking for life on distant planets. Why? Simply this, no water, no life, period. The properties of water support ALL living matter.

Dr. Oleg Yasko's Summary on the Healing Benefits of Water

So how much do we know about water? Take a look. Coincidence is neither scientific or religious.

"Bio-energetic water is living water!" - Dr. Oleg Yasko

Here is Dr. Yasko's synopsis of the miraculous properties of water based on the scientific research from the Russian movie's extensive analysis of water.

  • Water exists in 3 states: Gas, Liquid and Solid.  No physicist can explain this.
  • Water is a concept connected to life, as referred to in the Scriptures.
  • Water expands when it gets colder.  All other substances react in the opposite fashion.
  • Water has the highest surface tension of all liquids.
  • It's the most powerful solvent on earth.
  • Less than 1% of the world's total water supply is fresh water.
  • Water creates the complex features of the sky patterns and the weather.
  • The refraction of water creates the architecture of the sky.
  • The bioplasma of the brain is 85% water.
  • Water defies gravity by rising against gravity in the trunks of trees. At germination, water has 400 atmospheres of pressure thus causing a seedling to be able to break through asphalt. Its specific gravity increases, causing the water to rise against gravity.  This is how water can rise up through the trunks of trees.
  • Seeds grown in structured water were shown to have 6 times more photon energy than when grown in ordinary water. This can be measured by Kirlian photography.
  • Water has memory. It imprints the energetic pattern of whatever is in the H2O or next to the H2O, such as the plastic in a water bottle. This is the "essence"of HOMEOPATHY.
  • Water can record and store information in its cluster configuration.
  • The molecular structure of water is like the alphabet; it has a molecularly coded structure. It remembers what happens in the space around it. The structure of water is defined by how the molecules are organized.
  • The structure of water is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the chemical composition of water. The composition is always H2O, but it is the molecular arrangement of the H2O into groups called clusters. These work as memory panels to give H2O its unique properties. The cluster structures are responsible for recording the water's surroundings and configured by the arrangement of the water molecules. In other words, it is how the molecules are lumped together into specific patterns called clusters.
  • Water has a cluster sequence (molecules joined together in groups) which contain MEMORY CELLS, and within each one of the memory cells, there are 440,000 information panels in 1 molecule of water, each panel responsible for recording its own surrounding and environment, like a computer memory.
  • Water molecules are formed into groups called CLUSTERS. These clusters form into MEMORY PANELS. Each one of the water clusters is like a magnetic tape recorder
  • Homeopathic Silver, one atom of Ag, per 100 million atoms of water can imprint it's magnetic charge on the water. This is like recording on magnetic tape. The water remains water, but the structure changes. This is a VERY POWERFUL ANTIBIOTIC FORMULA and it is USED BY the PRESIDENT and the MILITARY!
  • Silver water is healing water. It's the structure not the composition, because water is always H2O, but its structure can be altered
  • Water's density increases below freezing, causing it to expand. Above freezing its density decreases causing it to contract. No scientist can explain this!

Inside Your Cells is a Symphony

What do I mean? Every one of your cells vibrates at a certain frequency. Energy is vibrational and exhibits a vibrational wave pattern and frequency!

Surprisingly, the vibration of each cell is slightly different from the other cells in your body. Vibration causes sound, some we can hear some we cannot. The vibrations that we can hear are generated by frequencies between 15 Hertz, on the low end, and 20,000 Hertz.

All vibrations emit sounds, but we only hear the audible sounds, in this range. Vibration then, is energy moving THROUGH matter. As waves of energy move through particles of matter, it disturbs them causing the particles to move like floating balls on water. These particles float up and down with a wave-like pattern.

This is why music is so healing. Music is vibrational energy. Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, has studied this phenomenon extensively. He suggests that the origin of any disease is a DISTURBANCE OF THE FREQUENCY WITHIN EACH CELL.

Therefore, he says, the more harmonious the cellular symphony (vibrational frequency) within each cell, the healthier our mind and body should be!

Conversely, as DISCORDANT FREQUENCIES increase, disease becomes manifest. This is why MUSIC IS A UNIVERSAL HEALER! The stresses of life distort the vibrations of the cells in our body. MUSICAL VIBRATIONS can cancel the harmonic distortions and return them to normal.

When water was exposed to Mozart, Bach and Slayer, the crystalline structure was radically altered by the resonance of the music.

In Scripture, Water = Life

Life starts in water, amniotic fluid is where life begins, it's an H2O sac. In fact, the second verse in the Bible mentions water.

"Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." - Genesis 1:2

Water has a photographic memory, and can be imprinted with very subtle energies, even at great distances. So, can remote communication take place between humans with a similar water structure? In fact, water responds to human emotion. Speaking to water changes its structure!

Liquids in the body, even at great distances, cause a certain liquid information transmission function, LITF. There is no explanation for this.

Human emotions, positive or negative, have the strongest effect on water! Human influence and emotion can be recorded in the water, and this changes the structural pattern. Negative emotions give H2O a negative charge, and aggressive emotions decrease the energy of water. This truth directly affects the growth of children, so affirm them in a positive way, even while still in the womb.

In fact, we can pollute water spiritually with toxic talk, and we can bless water through human speech. This is how Jesus turned water into wine! He changed the informational structural pattern.

All major Religions pray over H2O. The vibrational frequency of the prayer's in all religions, in any language, is 8 Herz. This corresponds to the vibrational oscillations of the earth’s magnetic field, which is also 8 Herz.

Thus, prayer creates a harmonic structure in the water that is synchronized with the earth’s magnetic oscillations. When water has been prayed over and has been cryogenically flash frozen, the water exhibits a beautiful 6-sided, star shaped, crystalline structure. Holy Water acts like homeopathic water, it revives!

Jesus represented an informational influence on the water through his spirituality. It is quite reasonable to think that dealing with water in this way could cause it to become quite firm, thus changing the surface tension, increasing it. Jesus was speaking to the waters informational panels and changing their structure. This whole process seems to happen through the structure of the clusters of the water molecules.

More Amazing Facts About Water

  • Structured water makes plants ripen faster.
  • H2O brings to life a pre-existing conception.
  • The flow of water through pipes with sharp twists and turns changes its structure.
  • It remembers the chemicals and the violence it was exposed to and it records them.
  • Every living thing is a container of water.
  • There is no DNA or protein structure without water.
  • Water adopts all of the toxin's, pollution and stress it encounters.
  • It remembers toxic pollutants and records them in its structure.
  • Water adopts stress and is structurally dead as it enters are bodies. 
  • Structured water can change animal behavior. Animals ALWAYS pre-select bio-energetic water.
  • Another unique feature of water is that water can burn. In fact, for combustion to occur, some water must be present.
  • When water is subjected to even very weak magnetic fields, it has been shown to cause phenotypic changes to fish populations, causing the fish to behave with a collective mind. All of the fish developed spots in the same places on their bodies, all at the same time.
  • In 1956, at a secret military meeting in Southeast Asia, all participants fell ill. The official cause, poisoning by "ordinary water". Twenty years later it was proposed that water had imprinted something poisonous due to its structure.
  • In the winter of 1881, the sailing ship, LARA, set out from Liverpool and was headed for San   Francisco. Three days into the voyage a fire broke out in the engine room and severely  damaged the sailing vessel. The captain and crew had no potable drinking water for three weeks and by most accounts, should have perished. According to the journal of Capt. Neil Cary, the men looked overboard for days, staring at the salt water, imagining it to be fresh water instead. When the captain finally decided to scoop up the salt water and taste it, the water was fresh. All of the men survived the ordeal.
  • In 1932, heavy or radioactive H2O, was discovered by Albert Owre. (Duterium H2O) was the source of the Atomic bomb.  This water caused pathological changes in living systems. The bioplasm is disrupted after nuclear fall-out, even miles past the blast site.
  • The brain bioplasm is 85% water and can be severely disrupted after radiation exposure. This causes DNA and m-RNA protein disruption and genetic damage.
  • Water has the capability to regenerate itself. This happens during the evaporation process through vaporization and phase transition, when it vaporizes then condenses and falls as rain or when it freezes and then melts, this is when it shakes off the accumulated informational pollution or grime.

Nowhere in the World is Water the Same!

Each source or area of water has a distinct source of origin, characteristic of a certain set of biological and energetic imprints. In each place on earth water assimilates the vibrations of the soil and imprints information about its specific biological and energetic patterns.

These characteristics are unique for each place on earth and ties each person to the place in which he or she was born! Our internal connection is maintained throughout life.

Thus, we are physically connected to our place of birth by an imprint of water in our bodies that is identical to that water in the part of the world in which we were born.

In 1632, an orphan named Gentz, set off from Germany on his way to Southern Italy. Never having known his parents nor his place of origin he came across a heavily wooded area that looked vaguely familiar to him. He discovered a natural spring of water from which he began to drink. Many years later, he began to tell his grandchildren of a spring from which he drank that caused him to remember his parents and the place in which he had been born.

The Kirlian Effect

In 2005, pure, pristine water was taken from a remote part of Venezuela and subjected to the energetics of Kirlian photography. This water was 40,000 times more energetically active than ordinary water. This was based on the Kirlian effect.

Everything that enters an electro-magnetic field, emits light, the greater the light emission the greater the energy in the substance. This is the Kirlian effect.

The Effect of Water on our Universe

What about the gravitational pull of the moon and its effect on the tides? Interestingly, water during solar eclipses affects water in tissue cultures even weeks before the event.   

Structured water has a higher amplitude and a higher resonance or a greater electrical charge. People who are BOTH taking structured water will begin to resonate at the same frequency and will actually get along better

The vibrational frequency in the molecules of  water is the same everywhere, but the amplitude is much higher than that found in water anywhere, including water found inside the body.  Thus, you are increasing the ZETA SPIN POTENTIAL, thereby decreasing agglutination.                        

RBC's are greatly affected by the higher amplitude because structured water causes a decrease in agglutination and an increase in the electrical charge. This allows RBC's to carry more O2. When RBC's lose their electrical charge they clump together into a formation called a Ruleau. They lose their electrical charge and form a SIMPLAST. A simplast is a formation of clumped RBC's which is associated with Arthritis, Heart and Lung disease.

With structured water the pH of the blood then changes from a lower pH anerobic state, to a higher pH, aerobic environment which can carry more oxygen.

Eastern Medicine is based on the resonance and frequency and vibrations of the body's water content. The PULSE indicates if the resonance is correct. The pulse may be strong, weak, cold or hot on the basis of this. So they conduct energy scans to determine the proper resonance. The treatment is then to correct the bad water inside.

Final Thoughts

Negative thoughts pollute your water. Drink structured water each day and make sure it is also alkalinized.

Do no hang out with hostile, negative people. Think positively, it affects 70% of your being and 85% of your brain's bioplasma. Never eat or pray while angry. There is UNDISPUTEABLE EVIDENCE that prayer allows people to get better.

We are inseparably bound together by huge streams of information and water is the key player in how that information is exchanged. In fact, it is the medium through which all nature is governed.

PRAYER is PURIFICATION and BAPTISM is NEW LIFE due to waters divine energy.

Water - God's perfect medium in which all life and energy can exist!

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