The Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

The Health Benefits of Breastfeeding
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For the first three months, you get your mothers natural maternal antibodies and...

  • healthy proteins
  • healthy fats
  • increased oxytocin
  • decreased postpartum depression
  • increased brain function
  • colostrum
  • increased immune system support
  • decreased respiratory infections
  • less overall infections
  • decreased breast cancer in women
  • decreased colitis
  • helps to develop lower jaw and lower face

Breastfeeding Benefits

Breast feeding is extremely beneficial for your developing infant. As your child develops during the age of 0 to 2 years, your baby’s immune system is forming. This is a key time to make sure your precious God-given child gets the proper nutrients it needs.

Breast milk provides all of the essential nutrients. Look at the label of some of the most popular infant formulas the next time you are in the store, any store. These formulas are full of synthetic sugars and filler’s. It’s a travesty that the Food and Death Administration endorses this stuff!

Only contraindications to breastfeeding are:

  • potential abusive drug use
  • chemotherapy
  • or underlying medical conditions that would prohibit Breast-feeding

Consult with your NP, MD, ND, or health care provider.


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