Dr. Thom's Heavy Metal Detoxification for Better Health

Dr. Thom's Heavy Metal Detoxification for Better Health

We live in an ever-increasingly-toxic environment. The evidence is all around us and within us! Once-a-year detoxification measures are really not enough for the massive chemical assault that we are under on a daily basis. Daily attention to diet, lifestyle, your immediate environment, plus a nutritional regimen that supports the liver conjugation and excretion of bodily toxins is paramount. The release of your stored body toxins without a plan for their safe biotransformation and conjugation can cause toxic build-up and extreme stress and sickness in the body.

What Causes Toxicity?

Simply put: stress, environmental toxins, and the Standard American Diet (SAD), really!! And heavy metals, including many cosmetics and many medications. Mercury, lead cadmium, arsenic, pesticides, insecticides, dioxins, furans, phthalates, VOC's, and PCB's are just some of the toxic substances that have created toxic body burdens in our daily living.

Lemon Water Detox
One fresh squeezed lemon once per day, in a tall glass of clean water, alkalinizes your system
and the biofilm in your mouth.

There Are 3 Forms of Mercury

  1. ELEMENTAL MERCURY, or HG, no charge, (this is mercury contained in fillings)
  2. IONIC MERCURY, or HG++, (this is highly absorbed in the gut)
  3. METHYL MERCURY, or CH3HG+, (this can be deadly, this is mercury vapor)

NOTE: What is listed below is a compilation of great products, protocols, and methods to clear your body of many toxins, including heavy metals. I strongly recommend you consult with your, MD, NP, DC, DDS, NMD, ND, etc., to help you with this process.

Removing Mercury Correctly Makes a Person Healthier!

This applies to sufferers of: allergies, chronic fatigue, inflammatory disease, obesity, diabetes, cancers, skin disorders, CFS, FM, mental and emotional disorders, headaches, migraines, G-I disorders, chronic pain control, anxiety & depression, cardiac issues, autoimmune diseases, MS, Alzheimer’s, neurological diseases, and heavy metal toxicity.

Why is Mercury and Metal Toxicity so Insidious, Yet So Dangerous?

Here's what metal toxicity does in your body:

  • Decreases thyroid function
  • Decreases gut function and reduces HCL production in the stomach
  • Decreases nitric oxide NO and endothelial function
  • Causes suppression of the immune system
  • Has been linked positively to many NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES, including autistic spectrum disorders
  • Interferes with ATP energy production by displacing magnesium
  • Inactivates many critical enzyme systems - it’s a co-factor un-coupler
  • Mercury, especially, crosses the BBB & the placental membrane and is taken up by the fetus
  • High levels of mercury can be found in the brains of ALZHEIMER patients
  • Heavy metals can produce diseases of insidious onset over 20 years of Heavy Metal accumulation
  • A Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study with 2,165 women ages 40-59 years old found that those with LEAD levels over 6.4 ug per dl, had the highest blood pressure levels.
  • It alters DNA synthesis and causes SNPS in your genes, (DNA Polymorphisms)
  • Heavy metal toxicity decreases Nitrous Oxide (NO) endothelial function. NO is the molecule of life made in the endothelium. It's a gas and it relaxes smooth muscle. If not enough NO is made, the cells can't relax and go back to normal. This is a barrier dysfunction and causes arterial stiffness. This results in LGS and LVS, leaky vessel syndrome

The Oral-Rejuv, Heavy Metal Detoxification Plan

Safe mercury removal is absolutely critical. The toxic release of mercury vapor increases enormously during this process. Mercury vapor readily combines with fatty tissues.

That is to say that every lining of every cell membrane in your body, including your brain, is affected. That, my friends, is nearly 100 TRILLION CELLS!

This is a major league BIG DEAL!!! When this vapor is released, it binds to sulfur, which is the bacterial breakdown product of bacterial activity (can you say infection) and then becomes methyl mercury. This is the more deadly form, and is exactly why you need someone trained in the proper mercury techniques like us! DO NOT let any DDS, DMD, MD, or PhD. tell you this is not important. It absolutely is a very big deal and can cause you to become terribly sick!

You may begin the pre-detox following the scenario below.

Pre-Detoxification: Preparing Your Immune System for Battle!

The First Step in the Detoxification Process is to enhance the immune system so it is able to handle the toxic dumping of mercury into your body. This can occur anytime, before or after, removing your mercury fillings, provided you have no serious immune deficiency.

The following protocol prepares the immune response to react more favorably to the toxic load, in order to minimize the effect of releasing Mercury into the G-I tract and the bloodstream.

NOTE: This process should be undertaken for 1-3 months, especially if you are immuno-compromised. If you are not immuno-compromised, you may remove your toxic fillings first and then start this regimen at the same time.

If you do not eliminate daily, you are toxic and you need a colon cleanse! DO NOT start any detoxification protocol if you are constipated.

Always Do a Colon Cleanse First With Any of the Following Scenarios:

  1. Aqueous Mg chloride, for explosive diarrhea
  2. GNC Super -1- colon cleanse
  3. Dual Cleanse, 800-694-9135 or GNC
  4. 3 Ballerina Tea (Senna Tea by Truong Giang Corp.)
  5. B-Sure, colon health (100% Psyllium Husk Powder)
  6. Colonics by a Hydrocolon Therapist
  7. Complete Cleansing Fiber part 2 (Trace Minerals Research, 801-731-6051)
  8. Organic Bowel Cleanse (senna and psyllium free by Renew Life, 800-830-1800)
  9. Cascara Sagrada, " Aged Bark", 425 mg is a stimulant laxative
  10. METABOLIC CLEANSE, Douglass Laboratories, $79.00 (products 9,10 & 11 are fantastic)
  11. METABOLIC REJUVENATION, Douglass Laboratories, $110.00
Beet Juice Heavy Metal Detox

After You've Unclogged Your Drain, You Can Begin the Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse

My recommendations are:

  • Anti-Inflammatory diet for one month (See Anti-Inflammatory Food's list)
  • Follow the "Dirty Dozen" and the "Clean Sixteen" foods lists
  • The 80/20 Alkaline Diet for one month
  • Liver & Gall Bladder cleanse after the colon cleanse
  • Ion cleanse - this is a foot cleanse that detoxifies through the bottoms of your feet
  • 1 fresh squeezed lemon once per day, in a tall glass of clean water, which alkalinizes your system and the biofilm in your mouth
  • Ground flaxseed - 2 heaping tablespoons, twice daily (AM then PM)
  • Increase massage as it increases lymphatic drainage
  • Increase Vibrational Power Plate usage 2 x per day (increases lymphatic drainage)
  • WALK a minimum of 20 Minutes Per Day or 10,000 steps, monitor with a fit-bit
  • Chlorophyll twice daily, am and pm
  • Take One of these Three for 1 Month:
    1. Paleocleanse, D4Health - comprehensive support for phase 1 & 2 liver conjugation (one month) Cytochrome P-450, enzyme system support
    2. Biotics Nutriclear (one month) - this is a protein formula that stimulates the liver enzymes in the P-450 Cytochrome system
    3. Pro Toxi Clear, Nu-Medica
  • Greens powder three times daily - these are anti-oxidants that neutralize oxidants
  • Olive oil and coconut oil for cooking and salads. Stay far away from store-bought dressings. Do not overheat the oil!
  • Argentyn 23, professional grade of silver hydrosol to eliminate all oral and G-I infections (also a great natural antibiotic with healing properties)
  • Oregano, excellent for eliminating GI parasites, great for foreign trips (Biotics Research)
  • Limit potatoes and bananas during the detoxification period. They are high-glycemic foods.
  • Eat fresh ginger and pineapple daily (great for the gut)
  • Eat all fresh, organic fruits and vegetables (see dirty dozen list)
  • Chlorella, am and pm
  • Spirulina, take in the am
  • Aged Garlic, eat one clove per day
  • "R"-Lipoic acid, (must be" R" form) - 600 mg bid. (Quicksilver Scientific) 800-647-0074 or www.LifeExtension.com
  • Increase Arugula consumption (helps with phase-II liver conjugation)
  • Eat BEETS, BEETS and more BEETS! A good source of Betaine HCl. Full of fiber, vitamins and a great source of silicon (silica) and great for bone growth!
  • Liposomal glutathione 500mg (or Meyers Cocktail I-V.) Mountain States Health Products
  • DIM or Indole-3-Carbinol, (I-3-C)
  • Mega Green Tea with Green Coffee Extract (www.LifeExtension.com) This is absorbed 60% better than green tea and enhances phase -2 enzyme liver conjugation
  • NAC, N-Acetyl Cystiene, 400-500 qd. (can use as a nasal inhalant) synthesized from methionine and serine (2 amino-acids)
  • Take NAC, N-Acetyl Cystiene after Mercury removal
  • Arginine, goes to citrulline then to NO (nitric oxide, the molecule of life), and this decreases Mercury! If you are 40 years plus, take NEO-40
  • Calcium-D-glucarate, 500mg qd. (up to 6 caps per day) as this:
    • Decreases free radical oxidation
    • Decreases estrogen formation
    • Increases chemical detoxification
    • Increases Heavy Metal detoxification
    • Increases detoxification of xenobiotic estrogens ~Biotics Research Review, 2005
High Fiber Heavy Metal Detox

More Helpful Ideas for Pre-Detoxification

  • Increase fiber, increase bulk!
  • Infra-Red Saunas, daily, excellent for Autism. The cost is around $3,000.
  • Stress counseling, when appropriate.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, especially if extreme fatigue, CFS, or fibromyalgia, etc.
  • Protandim - boosts catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase
  • CO-Enzyme Q-10, 200 mg qd.
  • Intenzyme Forte, Biotics research corp. (A proteolytic enzyme)
  • Avocodos, great source of saw palmetto and Co-Q-10
  • B-complex vitamins, Complete B or B Replete (Life Extension or Nu-Medica)

REMEMBER: All drugs and medications are acidic and toxic, causing free radical oxidative stress (Dr. Elson Haas, The New Detox Book, pp. 24-26).

Protect your #1 asset - your health, your life!

A Word About Glutathione


Glutathione helps to maintain a high redox potential. Elderly people die from viruses because they have low GSH levels which cause low redox potentials. This is your most potent intracellular antioxidant. Decreased glutathione has been found in many of the neurological diseases like:

  • Parkinsons, (Shule, 200 et all)
  • Decreased mitochondrial function
  • Fatigue, muscle aches and mood swings.
  • Immune dysfunction (Powell 1999)
  • Decreased glutathione has also been linked to diabetes, Autism and Alzheimer's disease

Depleted GSH cannot protect you against cellular apoptosis, or pre-programmed cellular death. Apoptosis is normally a good thing, but too much of a good thing, is not always so good! The problem is that OH- radicals oxidize glutathione. In other words, they deplete it. Oxidized glutathione causes apoptosis, or pre-programmed cell death.

An example of the problem is when Tylenol causes your glutathione to become oxidized or depleted, thus causing cellular death or apoptosis. You see, there is always a Redox balance, called the Redox potential, between the reduced state and the oxidized state.

GSH is glutathione that is in the reduced or helpful state. Inside of our bodies we are largely reduced, or ready to tackle the bad guys called free-radicals. In the reduced state, glutathione can donate electrons to the detoxification process. This helps produce energy in the metabolism cycle. GSSG, this is the oxidized form and is NOT good. You must have higher GSH levels & lower GSSG levels. Again, you need some oxidized levels, just not too much or you mess up the cytokine cell signaling system (redox signaling). We need to be oxidized a little for balance just not too much. (See my article on Reduction-Oxidation Potential in Module 7).

The Detoxification Protocol

During the mercury filling removal process, avoid ALL methylating agents while your mercury fillings are being removed! Call us if you have any questions. This process should take NO LONGER than 2 months.

The Second Step of the Detoxification Process is the removal of your toxic mercury fillings and the protection of the dentistry team and patient.

Safe Mercury Detox Amalgam Fillings

We use all the steps recommended by the IAOMT. The concept of removing your fillings properly is extremely important. Improper removal can result in large amounts of mercury vapor entering the body’s bio-system and cause further accumulation of toxic mercury in the gut and neurological tissues.

Protocol for Amalgam Removal (for the Gut and Brain)

Remove ALL amalgam MERCURY fillings properly by using:

  1. Bentonite clay formulation for cationic metal exchange
  2. Digestive enzymes
  3. Probiotics
  4. Activated charcoal (optional - during HG removal only)
  5. Chlorella and Spriulina
  6. Chitosan binds anionic bile salts
  7. Metallo-clear, for heavy metal metabolism (from Metagenics)
  8. Ultra Potent C Powder, ¼ tsp bid (from Metagenics) or see # 16
  9. Advaclear, Metagenics, for Bifunctional detoxification support
  10. IMD, with Alka-C, both from Mountain States Health Products
  11. EDTA Calcium powder with magnesium malate - this is great for decreasing arterial calcification (Longevity Plus 800-580-7587)
  12. Iodine and Iodide at least 12.5-25 mg., (Iodoral, order from Doctors Supplement Store)
  13. Captomer, 250 mg, Thorne
  14. Cholestyramine - good for mold toxins
  15. Lipospheric glutathione
  16. Lipospheric vitamin C
  17. Liposomal R-lipoic acid
  18. Metal-X-Synergy, from D4H, contains Modified Citrus Pectin. YOU CAN STAY ON THIS ONE FOR A LONG TIME!

The Post-Detoxification Protocol - After Your Fillings Are Removed

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy has been proven in hundreds of thousands of clinical examples to effectively remove toxic metals from people’s bodies. According to the CDC, over 60,000 Americans have used some form of chelation therapy in the past 12 years. Many major health insurers have policies endorsing chelation therapy as the appropriate therapy to address heavy metal toxicity. (See the policies of Aetna, Blue Cross, and Cigna as three examples).

The package warning label of Thimerosal states that in the case of overexposure, chelation therapy should be used. Recently, the National Institutes of Health launched a chelation therapy trial for adult heart disease patients. Furthermore, at Arizona State University, a three-month trial of chelation therapy in autistic children is now under way.

Chelation Therapy is Safe

The side effects of chelation, at the dosing levels used with children, appear to be both mild and manageable. Because chelating agents also bind to minerals (they too are metals), a possible side effect is mineral depletion. This is managed through mineral “repletion” by supplementing with extra minerals. Use Concentrace Liquimins, 21-34 DROPS per day, to bowel tolerance.

A secondary potential side effect is kidney or liver stress induced by the pace of detoxification. This is addressed by temporarily adjusting the dosage. Most doctors treating autistic children run monthly or bi-monthly lab tests to monitor for these issues.

In the FDA’s Federal Register addressing the approval of DMPS as a bulk compounding agent, they note, “DMPS has been used to treat heavy metal poisoning. At doses reported in the literature for this indication, DMPS appears to be relatively nontoxic, and serious adverse reactions associated with its use have not been commonly reported.”

Oral Chelation with Zeolites

First, you need to supplement with a complete Vitamin B Formula (Life Extension)

  • NCD, Natural Cellular Defense, 15 ml drops by WAIORA, a powdered form of" ZEOLITE" - NCD support.com. NCD Contents: alumino-silicate zeolite Clinoptilolite 24 mg 4-5 Di-Cyclo, Disilico, Dimagnesium, Di Alumino Oxyo, Trihydrate
  • Livaplex, a natural antibiotic that digests bacteria, Standard Process
  • ION FOOT CLEANSE, this pulls toxins from the pores in the bottom of your feet
  • IMD, INTESTINAL CLEANSE (silica that binds methyl mercury) Highly purified silica that binds Mercury & other heavy metals in the intestines. It also binds Methyl Mercury trapped in the enterohepatic circulation. IMD does not enter the bloodstream, so it does not lead to spikes in blood mercury levels (Mountain states health products, Inc.)
  • Enzymatic whole body cleanse, (www.enzy.com)
  • ACZ nano, Advanced Cellular Zeolite (Results DNA)
  • ACS Nano, Advanced Cellular Silver Zeolite (Results DNA)

Zeolites these are cages that trap heavy metal ions and...

  • Balance the body pH, also accomplished through dietary principles.
  • Support immune function
  • Remove heavy metal toxins
  • Cause no side effects
  • Formed from a Zeolite, ash-lava formation
  • Shingles symptoms disappear with use of zeolites and Argentyn-23 ARGENTYN-23.

Detoxification Products for Heavy Metal Chelators

  • EDTA
  • DMSO, Nu - Medica, to lessen Hg burden
  • DMPS, to lessen Hg burden
  • OSR - I, developed by Boyd Haley, PhD. (not yet FDA approved)
  • Zeolite cages, NCD, oral
  • NBMI, a newer chelating agent
  • Detoxamin
    • binds first with mercury & removes free radicals (ACS 2000)
    • binds up nitrosamines and Viral sub-particles, an oral chelator (You can use these two products together)

Oral Chelation

  • Must chelate with B-Vitamins when oral chelation is implemented, using Zeolite cages helps to make sure the macro & micro mineral status is not depleted.
  • Bio-Chelat TM, for heavy metal detoxification. A German product that creates a highly electric-magnetic gradient in the G-I tract, which pulls heavy metals from the body tissues into the blood and excretes them via the kidneys and the stool. Is gentle and does not interfere with the macro & trace mineral balance! This is a really big deal!
  • Calcium EDTA, rapid infusion
  • Calcitite Trace Mate: (calcium) ethylene diamine tetra acetate, EDTA - An ideal mercury chelator (Gary Gordon MD, DO)
  • EDTA - function is to bind heavy metal ions to it and then exchange them with the Ca++ ions
  • Edetate - forms a stable compound with the heavy metal which then becomes non-ionic and loses its toxicity. This detoxifies the metal and renders it inert! Works for Hg, Cd, Cu, Al, Fe, Pb.
  • Beyond Chelation Improved (BC-I), Longevity Plus, GG, MD, DO.

Other Products and Nutrients That Can Assist in Detoxification

Standard Process Protocol

  • Cho la cal, 2@ $30, an "absorptive clay"
  • For-fil, B-12 builds blood and fortifies bile
  • Livaplex, a natural anti-biotic that digests bacteria
  • CO-Enzyme Q-10 and PQQ from Life Extension
  • Concentrace Trace Mineral Formulation, to restore minerals from the chelation process
  • The PK-Protocol, for cellular membrane integrity - Patricia Kane MD
  • Increase exercise, as this optimizes mitochondrial biogenesis
  • Caloric reduction does the same thing, and also decreases FROS
  • Rectal suppositories for chelation
  • Detoxamin rectal suppositories, 30-90 days, very effective for adults and children - bypasses the hepatic-portal circulation system
  • The Ion Cleanse foot bath
  • OSR-1 (not yet on the market, should be out soon)

Testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Serum compatibility testing, Clifford reactivity testing, or Bio-Comp testing
  • HMT, Elisa immune testing, NeuroScience, the leading test system for confirming immune responses to metals and other antigens
  • Mercury Tri-Test, Quicksilver Scientific - a blood, urine, and hair analysis.
  • HMT, DMPS Urinary Challenge Testing, Metametrix
  • Rita Meter Testingfor ionic charge
  • Spectracell Testing, for nutrient deficiencies
  • Porphyrin testing - increased urinary porphyrins are the functional biomarkers of toxicity and reveal the effects of toxicants in critical biochemical pathways (Metametrix). Increased urinary porphyrins indicate toxic levels of:
    • Mercury
    • Lead
    • Arsenic
    • other organic chemicals

Toxic Effects Profile

Conditions associated with toxicity (source: Metametrix laboratory):

  • Headaches
  • Skin conditions
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Chronic muscle fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic infections
  • Food allergies
  • Gastro-intestinal problems
  • Dizziness
  • Migraines
  • Visual disturbances
  • Anxiety
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Increased cancer risk

Holistic Dentistry

I believe the mouth is the window to your body and health. Our Nashville practice offers services that reflect this belief as we strive to provide a mercury-free and mercury-safe office for our patients. We use cutting-edge technology and procedures to offer the best services possible. Visit us at the Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry.

Find a mercury-free dentist in your area here.

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