Hypochlorous Acid Helps Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Hypochlorous Acid Helps Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Hypochlorous acid has gained popularity as an effective ingredient that helps with anti-aging. It is being manufactured as a highly diluted mist spray that helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. Knowing how it works and the components that make it work to minimize the aging effect on the skin is beneficial in choosing the right product.

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid (with a scientific chemical signature HOCl) is made naturally by the human body, more specifically inside white blood cells. White blood cells are medically defined as leukocytes, an important part of our body’s immune system that helps to protect our bodies against illness and diseases. White blood cells are essential in fighting viruses and bacterial foreign invaders detrimental to health.

Our skin is one of the first barriers against environmental pollutants and germs that can wreak havoc on not only our skin health but our overall health and wellness.

HOCl is effective against fungus, bacteria, and viruses. The suppliers of our Pearl's Age Rejuv OxyMist have perfected a manufacturing process that keeps it stable for months. The factory is compliant with the strict FDA regulations and produces only the highest quality products.

How Does Hypochlorous Acid Skin Mist Work?

Hypochlorous acid solutions have been used in wound care for years due to its beneficial properties. While the term “acid” sounds scary, hypochlorous acid formulas are weak and "skin-friendly". It can effectively be used as a skin spray to aid in skin moisturizing, with properties that are capable of minimizing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hypochlorous acid found in mist sprays sold as beauty products is gentle enough that it can be applied to the face and the body and beneficial to all skin types. Skin improvement is cause by added moisture and the reduced appearance of inflammation.

I especially recommend OxyMist with HOCl to be used as an effective product to help smooth crow's feet. It is very safe to use around the eyes. Dr. Thom and myself personally endorse this product to help with anti-aging.

HOCl Helps Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

While aging processes are unstoppable, hypochlorous acid is gaining attention in its potential as a facial health product and defense mechanism against harsh environment conditions. As an antioxidant, mist sprays of hypochlorous acid can provide support and soothing to skin cells against a number of irritants that include man-made pollutants as well as that produced by nature – sun, dust, allergens, and so forth.

Irritation and inflammation due to sun damage, toxins in the air, and even skin products we use on a regular basis can damage our skin. When used as a beauty product, hypochlorous mist sprays can revitalize dry, aging skin, and are beneficial for dark spots depending on skin type and age.

When looking for hypochlorous acid as a skincare or anti-aging remedy, take the time to compare products and ingredients. Hypochlorous acid for skincare is not going to prevent aging, but it can replenish the skin and reduce the appearance of aging skin.

When used as directed, hypochlorous acid is a first-line defense against the damage caused by free radicals. Make it part of your safe, effective, daily skin care regimen.

Our suppliers of hypochlorous acid products are compliant with strict FDA regulation in their manufacturing process.

Shop OxyMist with HOCl - part of our anti-aging line of products!

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