Should Your Mouth Be Acidic or Alkaline?

Should Your Mouth Be Acidic or Alkaline?

If you wonder whether your mouth should be acidic or alkaline (base), I'll explain why your mouth should be alkaline. As a holistic and biological dentist, I'll share with you the importance of alkalinizing along with using remineralizing toothpaste.

Steps to Alkalinize Your Body

One of the biggest drivers in maintaining a healthy body balance is to achieve the proper Alkaline-Acidic equilibrium in each of your estimated 70 trillion cells. Your body goes to great lengths to achieve an alkaline state. This is also known as homeostasis. I have summed up several articles for you in other modules that explain the importance of keeping your blood pH between 7.35 and 7.45.

How to Change Your Mouth from Acidic to Alkaline?

  1. Balance your Oral pH, keep the pH close to 6.5. See Soda Doping below.
  2. Increase your Stomach Acid, by taking Hydrozyme from Biotics Research Corp.
  3. Take Iodine, 12.5-25mg, Iodoral which is tableted Lugol’s solution
  4. H2O Alkalinization with ozone or a Vollara water machine.
  5. Eat lots of vegetables and take probiotics daily. I use Iflora by Sedona Labs.
  6. Alkaline Fruits, must be ripe and in season.
  7. Mineral Supplements, add 21 drops of ConcenTrace® Mineral Drops into a glass of water, then drink!
  8. Stress Reduction, balance the PSNS, this is the Parasympathetic nervous system.
  9. CR - stands for Caloric Restriction, this prevents FROS, and means…. EAT LESS!!!
  10. The Bohr Curve, increases oxygenation in the cells.
  11. Limit or Eliminate Medications, all your meds are acidic, work with your doctor on this one.
  12. Detoxify, follow my Detoxification Protocol
  13. Proper oxidation through limited exercise, use proper breathing techniques!
  14. Eliminate Mercury fillings, the correct way

Soda Doping Alkalinizes and Improves Your Endurance!

  1. Put a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass, swish, brush then rinse
  2. Not the yellow box, must be non-aluminum-based
  3. Decreases heartburn, only if hyper-acidity is the problem and it usually is not
  4. Alkalinizes your oral mucosa with baking soda
  5. Helps with exercise
  6. Helps neutralize alcohol
  7. This takes lactic acid out of your system

Make sure your stomach acidity, HCL, has a low enough pH to properly digest the protein content in your G-I tract. This helps to eliminate gas and bloating and reduces LGS, Leaky Gut Syndrome. Also, the daily use of Digestive Enzymes is a great idea.

Holistic Dentistry

I believe the mouth is the window to your body and health. Our Nashville practice offers services that reflect this belief as we strive to provide a mercury-free and mercury-safe office for our patients. We use cutting-edge technology and procedures to offer the best services possible. Visit us at the Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry.Find a mercury-free dentist in your area here.

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