The Low-Fat Diet Myth

The Low-Fat Diet Myth

President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared the "WAR on POVERTY" in the 1960's and the medical industry declared the "WAR on DIETARY FAT in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The thinking was that dietary fat makes us fat.

Both programs have been MONUMENTAL FAILURES and have contributed to the decline in our social culture, family structure, our health, and has cost America "Tens of Trillions" of dollars with nothing to show for these noble efforts except obesity, debt, societal breakdown, and an out-of-control "disease care system."

The problem with the low-fat- diet craze is that we took out the Omega-3-fats and added refined sugar, lots of it, into the mix. This has become an unmitigated disaster. Even as this is being written, I still see plenty of commercials espousing the merits of the low-fat diet.

So, What's Wrong with the Low-Fat (High-Sugar) Diet?

  • Well, for one thing, fat does NOT make you fat, SUGAR DOES!
  • The low-fat diet, however well-intentioned, is loaded with highly refined, non-nutritional sugars, that raise post-prandial (after meal) sugar levels.
  • It's insulin signaling that causes you to pack on the pounds and that happens when your BLOOD SUGAR remains elevated, why?
  • Because INSULIN is a fat-storage hormone, it signals your cells to store excess SUGAR as triglycerides, which contributes to cardiovascular disease, aging and obesity.
  • High INSULIN LEVELS also cause brain inflammation.
  • It's the after meal sugar spikes that cause all the retinal, kidney and cardiovascular damage that contributes to our inflammatory health issues.
  • The food manufacturers sold us a bag of "toxic goods" as we were told time and again that it's the calories that matter. Then by dumping a bunch of ZERO-CALORIE,  HIGHLY NEUROTOXIC  FAKE  SUGAR into their junk products they led us to believe we would  lose weight,  BUT INSTEAD:
    • It's caused the biggest increase in weight gain the planet has ever seen! Why?
    • Because, calories do not matter nearly as much as INSULIN SIGNALING does when it comes to gaining weight.
    • Just look at the labels! You can't even pronounce what's in all this junk.

Excess Sugar is Toxic to Your Body

Your body has to deal with all of the toxins in this packaged stuff and it has to rid your body of  the SUGAR, TOXINS, OBESOGENS  and ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS BY DILUTION of the intracellular fluid to neutralize the toxins in your cells. Your cells swell up with water in order to dilute the toxins.

Remember, the solution to pollution is dilution:

  • INCREASING the size and the # of FAT CELLS, called adipocytes.
  • This is called adipogenesis (the growth of fat cells)
  • Raising your INSULIN LEVELS to combat the continual sugar surges.
  • This is REALLY BAD NEWS!
  • This also leads to INSULIN REISTANCE and
  • Fatty liver disease (your liver stores the sugar as fat).
  • The fats that have been removed in the low-fat diets are unfortunately the healthy Omega-3 fats that happen to be cardio and neurologically protective.
  • They have been replaced by high inflammatory Omega-6 fats found in vegetable oils. 

This is a very big deal! 

Add Omega-3 Fats for a Healthy Diet

  • Healthy fats are essential for neurological and cardiovascular health.
  • The key is the correct fatty acid ratio, not the elimination of fats. altogether. This is measured by the bio-inflammatory AA/EPA Ratio.
  • Long -chain Omega-3 fatty acids are vitally important to prevent fanning the flames of chronic inflammation.
Anti-Inflammatory Foods

My 3 Favorite Omega 3 Sources

  1. Wild Caught Salmon (without skin)
  2. Chia Seeds
  3. Avacados

You can also supplement with Dr. Stephen Sinatra's Omega-3 Plus.

(See inflammatory biomarkers in MODULE 1.)

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