Dr. Thom's Safe Sugars List for Better Health

Dr. Thom's Safe Sugars List for Better Health

By all means, please take this with you when you go shopping!!! The list of safe sugars is shorter than the list of unsafe sugars.  Most of these do not appear on ingredient labels because they are not cheap nor do they necessarily extend shelf life.

They also, are not made from corn, nor are they modified chemically or genetically.

These sugars are much healthier because your cells recognize their chemical composition and can be used more effectively as building blocks for various parts of the cells organelles.

They are also recognized by cell membranes and can fit into cellular-wall membrane receptors, like a lock and key mechanism.

The Safe Sugars

  • Sugar in the raw, (natural cane sugar)
  • Xylitol, great for oral and whole body health.
  • D-Ribose, great for your heart as it is the template for the ATP molecule.
  • D-Mannose, great for your urinary health
  • Pure Local Honey, great for skin lesions
  • Stevia, use very sparingly
  • Black Strap Molasses, has a lot of minerals in it.
  • Pure Maple Syrup, is very alkaline
  • Lo Han Guo, Monk Fruit

There is a newer sugar I’ve just recently been reading about. It is very good for the gut and is called:

 SQ, which stands for sulfoquinovose.

That’s a mouthful. This beneficial sugar feeds the beneficial gut bacteria, acting quite like a pre-biotic. This sugar is found mainly in vegetables,

So, eat your veggies daily! Your beneficial gut bacteria will thank you!

Proper nutrient sugars are an integral part of the make-up of every one of your cell’s membrane. There are at least 8 of these.

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